Larval Subjects For an Ethics of the Fold

Larval Subjects .

Water abstract Water abstract

For anyone who’s interested, here is the English version of my article “For an Ethics of the Fold” (ethical bodies) to be published in the French journal Multitudes.  It’s mercifully short.  This marks a shift in my ontological thinking that is far richer.  I hope to develop it into a more robust ontology, epistemology, ethics, politics, aesthetics, and perhaps even a theology (the last of which is strange for an atheist).  People keep asking me about Deleuze, Leibniz, and Merleau-Ponty in context of the concept of the fold I’m trying to develop.  I’m studiously avoiding all of this at the moment.  If it converges, great.  If it diverges, all the better.  For the moment, however, I need to avoid getting bogged down in scholarly engagements.  At any rate, be gentle!

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