knowledge ecologies as niche constructions in Process

friend of the blog AE Robbert @KnowledgEcology starts at around 47mins on ethology as a way into philosophizing ecologically in the context of speculations on cosmopolitical possibilities- you can be part of his ongoing project @

3 responses to “knowledge ecologies as niche constructions in Process

    • hey adam, i think it was a good start to your reworking of evolutiony theory, i don’t make the leap that critters being pro-active (and not just re-active) means that they have anything like what we would call ‘meaning’ in their experiences/lives and i never got how any of this (or larval-levi’s flat/object-oriented ontology) was supposed to add up to (or ground?) a cosmopolitics/democracy-of-objects, at the most basic level the more variety/interests/etc at the table the more conflict/tensions/etc, and as you know i disagree with alva’s assertion that we gain more access to things/world as opposed to just learn new ways of using/composing/assembling, for me these different manglings/umwelten are a good fit for a very minimal/enactivist pragmatism. on my reading list: Attachments:A Pragmatist View Of What Holds Us

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