Stormy Weather Existential Detection Agency

“SWEDA (Stormy Weather Existential Detection Agency) We Must Own the Shadow in order to integrate the shadow, We must become the adversary we wish to overcome. Some of the topics Gabriel and Zachary discuss on this pilot epsiode – Everything is being recorded throughout the cosmos, in these ends there is a small group throughtout the world who are taking advantage of these mediums of technology and using it to its full potential. SWEDA-the surveillance agency, resistance makes stronger, Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear. Is Surrender the only way? An indepth exploration into Identity Death, Do we need an Identity? What is paranoid awareness? What is negative perception? What is The nature of the Shadow? This is not it? we must become the villians of our own story? Join us at as we explore!!!! At SWEDA, we are myth-finders: our business is finding the mythic narrative hidden behind your lives. You are the myth carrier. Our job is to help you find the myth you are host to, by showing you our own personal myth-stories. (We’ll show you ours if you’ll show us yours.) Since there is only one myth, and since the myth is a map, there’s no way we can ever get lost.”
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