Interview: John Rogers on London Overground and Psychogeography.

Celluloid Wicker Man

John Rogers has been one of the most prominent psychogeographical writers and filmmakers of the last decade.  Fiercely independent and with a strong DIY sensibility towards his creative responses to London, his work is a vital component and documentation of a city still in a phase of hyper-development and gentrification.  Ahead of his adaptation/response to Iain Sinclair’s most recent book, London Overground, I met up with him in the surreal dystopian zone of the Olympic park for a chat about his filmmaking, psychogeography and London.

Adam: So John, tell me a bit about where we are.  It’s been quite a long journey out from Dulwich.

John: There was something around here, a deep freeze cold-storage place and the train used bring in the freight and load it into these freezers.  Iain Sinclair worked there and there was a big industrial dispute there too so it was interesting.  Iain did…

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