2 responses to “Nowhere Line: Voices from Manus Island

  1. Synthetic Zero, thanks for sharing this.

    I’m going to ramble speculatively here. One may empathize with the tragic hero Manus prisoner positvely or negatively here. One’s internal reaction is a barometer of one’s heuristic. Or maybe a better word is prejudice. Or even better – pre-judge. One’s reaction is hard coded? Maybe? That implies a Coder and some form of predeterminism over which the reactor has no control. Or maybe one can view one’s internal emergent reaction, temporarily harness it, judge it, and decide if it is worthy of release and action on (free will in word and deed). So this prisoner seems worthy of survival. Yet God/Nature/Abyss say’s no, not yet.

    The Abyss says “struggle to prove yourself worthy prisoner!”
    “Don’t pray to Me, see if I care!”
    “I invented stubborn existential wills!”
    “I am The Stubborn Existential Will!”
    ” I’m just finishing your little stubborn existential will manufacturing process to ensure zero defects!”

    What, can the Abyss not Speak? Yes indeed, and Mock!

    If one has a will to live, one will live.

    As for those who drowned, slit their wrists, or were killed by the Xenophobists, that’s their fate, no? Or maybe they were not worthy of life, yet. Maybe they are paying the invoice for existential crimes for which no scapegoat is a worthy substitute.

    And what if some of the Xenophobists are having multiple pre-judgmentary reactions too? What if some of Xenophobe’s wives or daughters were raped or murdered by a former wave of refugees? What would your or my reaction be? Machete in hand, kill em all and let God sort em out? Don’t let any more refugees into my house. Voluntary altrusim versus state-imposed altruism by law, police and military. Action and Reaction.

    Is the Abyss not Power? Are those who have Power not worthy of Power? Might is Right, no? Will the weak will make demands upon the Mightly? Will one who has no food and shelter and safety make demands upon those who do? Must one who has Power save the refugee? Why? Which one’s? Is there a filtering process?

    Are the Victimary Resentful and Ungrateful worthy of being saved? Worthy enough to ask the Abyss for help? Please Abyss – help me! No. This prisoner will not ask. No. This prisoner will not pray to the Abyss! Maybe to Marx though, Marx may save him. No. Have a cartoon created for me instead! A cartoon to tell my plight to the world, so that the world will save me. A cartoon that will win an AWARD! Help me world! Help me Film Industry! Help me progressive liberals and anarcho-capitalists and right wing xenophobes, please help me VIEWERS! I want to live!

    Viewers are arrogant voyeurs and innocent school children. Unless the viewers are experiencing catharsis, unless we are learning some good thing observing the Victimary, we may one day be reversing roles and experiencing some bad thing, … for our good.

    Where and Why does one find oneself in this world? If there is no such thing as meaning, cause and effect, then why should one care? Let is eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.

    But your readers care to differing degrees. We are all prisoners in Panopticon Earth.

    And Prisoners must be reformed.

    • we welcome ramblings of all sorts, our alltoohuman coding is a kludged together assemblage of many things/functions and not some machine code.

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