The Psychic Driver


“Dr Ewen Cameron was one of the world’s leading psychiatrists. He’d taken part in the Nuremberg Trials and wrote several books about Germany. But it was fascination with Nazi mind-control programs that led him down a murky path which ultimately ruined his career. His work on mentally ill patients at the Allan Institute in Montreal involved what he called de-patterning—emptying the mind and then reprogramming it. Patients were put into induced comas, under the influence of drugs like LSD and many were given massive doses of electric shock therapy. Cameron employed his technique of psychic driving, implanting positive thoughts by playing edited taped messages to the comatose patients incessantly for weeks. His assistant Leonard Rubenstein designed many contraptions including headphones fitted to football helmets, the body movement transducer and the Radio Telemetry Laboratory. Their experiments were discovered by the CIA who then funded their research as part of the infamous MK Ultra program. Nearly all of the patients suffered debilitating side-effects and some never fully recovered. Although the CIA and the Canadian Government never admitted any wrongdoing, hundreds of victims pursued claims for compensation.”

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