Bifo’s Summer of Pokemon

“Summer 2016 has marked a new step in the rush towards the annihilation. The string of suicidal terrorist acts in France, in Germany, and the fragmentary wars in the Middle East. The wave of migration from the Mediterranean, and the unrelenting rejection from the European governments, and from the European population which is turning more and more xenophobic and afraid. The exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, and the transformation of Turkey into a nationalist dictatorship with islamist undertones. The soft golpe in Brazil, and last but not least the breathtaking ascent of Trump on the American scene. “Madamina il catalogo è questo”.
This is the reality produced by forty years of worldwide Neoliberal Reformation. Competition and privatisation have prevailed and now the result is impoverishment, inequality and global civil war.
All of a sudden, at the high point of the Summer, newspapers and television focused on the launch of Pokemon GO. People of all age went around waving their smartphone trying to capture metaphysical insects in the open air.
One may argue that the launch of Pokemon GO reveals that the process of infantilisation is taking the upper hand in the world psycho-scape.
The refusal of attending the show of barbarisation may lead a part of the population to take shelter in secluded gate communities of simulation. I want to go beyond this first sight consideration, and I want to imagine a future (many futures indeed) of the new big thing that is emerging in the sphere of technology and cultural mutation: immersion.
Pokemon GO is a game that may be categorised as Augmented Reality: in fact the simulation is not only concerning the screen of your smartphone, but also the surrounding reality where simulated objects are projected.
But this is only one step in a long-lasting stream of technological invention.”
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more Mediterranean histrionics, maybe there is some background of carnivalesque clowning I’m missing?

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