Support #PrisonStrike !

2 responses to “Support #PrisonStrike !

  1. A meta issue for me on this is are we not also slaves of the neolliberal state outside the prison? The boundary is one of degrees not one of kind. Catagorical and ontological hysteria abound.

    In the civil rights case I filed for a prisoner for being tossed in solitary without due process based upon suspected drug use, I heard as hearsay that the prisoner instantly used the settlement funds to move funds outside the prison which allowed him to purchase more drugs inside the prison. A few colleagues expresed irony or frustration. I told them the prisoner’s drug use was a sort of imaginary liberation purchased with the proceeds of his denial of lileberty and therefore perffectly reasonable. No one understood but it was his own personal going on strike. I think nasty mdf office furniture is made by prisoners in the US.

    • differences that make a difference are all we have as human-beings, ontology a world better left behind, good to lend a hand where we can.

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