3 responses to “Nick Land on The Future of Human Insecurity

  1. I vaguely remember Nick from the Children’s Crusade — I mean OWS — and my own difficulty trying to keep alive my OWS Animal group against the apathy and stasis of narcissistic members, media whores cum activists, and hip hop moguls attempting to hijack even the imaginary of change. He is overly hopeful concerning accelerationism.

    All you need to know is oriborous: pop will eat itself. No wonder this shite was held in Ukraine, the European center of US Back to the Future decelerationism.

    • so ya missed the note (in red) to skip ahead? nick’s actual location aside anyone who thinks there are fixes for human interactions much beyond the scale of one on one is trading in science fiction and I treat them/it as such, Nick’s works remind me of PDK and Burroughs and if ya haven’t noticed I enjoy that genre but it’s not for everyone.

  2. PDK and WFB great. I always suspect redlined directions. Will look for Nick’s work off Orion in the plasma clouds of Kwish

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