2 responses to “Selma 65′ / Standing Rock 16′

  1. One might say the dogs are victims as much as the blacks and native americans. The dogs are seen as a disposable and instrumental form of politicized biotechnology. They are asked to fight for a construct of kinship which views them as objects. Several of the dogs at the Dakota Pipeline battleground were injured. This is part of a long history of war dogs which dates back to the Hittites and Assyrians and possibly the early neolithic communities in Central Asia.

    That said, I think the Dakota should concentrate on confronting humans instead of dogs although it is difficult to negotiate at the end of a choke harness. Someone should also send the Dakota kevlar sleeves via fedex — contact me directly for resources to obtain these — so they can engage with the dogs with a lesser risk of being bitten. Wouldn’t it be great if the Sioux might ‘turn’ the dogs and live with them as kin instead of continuing the binary cycle of victimization?

    WARNING: most police and private security dogs with basic shutzhund training are programmed to grab a leg or crotch and hold unless an arm is offered. I urge the Sioux to wear protective equipment and guard their crotches and legs.

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