9 responses to “Brian Massumi valuing Guattari’s Virtual Ecologies

  1. value is the supremely interesting question in policymaking.
    now i need to find 1.5 hours or more to play this talk because I always pause they things to pull a book off the shelf or open a file especially with Massumi on D + G who is so dense. who are the people introducing Massumi?

  2. Was thinking Myra Hird but she is very intelligent so could not have been her. I have never read her stuff but someone emailed me some malarky by Keeler on a ‘Cloud of the Impossible’ because she has evidently jumped aboard the quantum entanglement bandwagon. Connolly I do not know about

    • wish i didn’t know of him, these folks are well intentioned I suppose but so out of touch with reality the minds reels, Guattari always kept a hand and both feet in the off-the-page resistances of the life and struggles of his subjects but sadly this didn’t really catch on, I won’t miss higher-ed when it’s gone.

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  4. One might as well be speaking of the editorial staff at Columbia University Press

    I still have some wistful attachment to academia. Sentiment? STEM and so forth are kililng it as much as these folks

    • these folks aren’t killing it they just are useless when it comes to resisting the neolib-borg, one might think that this reality would be sinking in by now but one would be sadly wrong.

  5. not to unduly prolongue this thread but have you noticed the entire neoliberal thing is like the plot of a Charlotte Perkins Gilman novel? An overbearing and overwhelming character no one “sees”. No one gets it except maybe Corey Robin and Ha Jun Chang. All things no subjects

    • don’t know her work but i think i get yer point, i like to say borg because it gets the basic dynamics across while poking fun at those who think there is some such alien technology/structuralism of hive-minds at work in the world with their talk of ideologies and all. I actually like Erin’s written works much better than Brian’s but than I see something like this and they don’t look like their kidding: http://erinmovement.com/twisted-nietzsche/

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