David’s Matchbox, a tale of psychosis & love


“Michael was at medical school when he was gripped by paranoid schizophrenia which left him at the mercy of the voices in his head. He survived on the streets of New York for 10 years by believing he was part of a special intelligence force working to stop George Bush’s evil plot to take over the world, until he hears the voice of Britain’s Queen. Meanwhile, Chris was a retired art gallerist in England. One day, their eyes meet during a service at Westminster Abbey, and a story of friendship, love and survival unfolds.” doc by Rebecca Lloyd-Evans

One response to “David’s Matchbox, a tale of psychosis & love

  1. very banal but floating world beautiful and recalls the plastic bag metaphor in “American Beauty”. i had to do some repetitive cleaning and had a listen so this is a somatic yet not soporific mood plateau inducer. bit of a wee welsh accent from lloyd-evans?

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