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  1. Staged silliness. I view neoliberal multi-culturalism as a form of racist leveling of cultures which does not allow eudaemonia. Allow each to flourish in its spatial definition and allow the enlightened traveler but not the banal white tourist or economic migrant in the cheap labour world of globalisation. In other words kill globalisation and have real respect for different cultures and do not bomb Syria or pollute others with McCulture. Human migration, when permitted for economic or social reasons, can be a form of political and demographic terrorism viz whites in America, Spanish in S. America, Israelis in Palestine, Muslims in Europe, bacteria in an infection, etc. To the environment, all humans are terrorists.

  2. [pontificate] with due respect to M. Magritte

    suppose I am affected by my recent discussions with Europeans

    • hey john, i appreciate yer enthusiasm for kinds of just causes i know this kind of thing
      ” neoliberal multi-culturalism as a form of racist leveling of cultures which does not allow eudaemonia”
      has a certain resonance/cache in some circles and I’m all for people trying to do things their own way but take a sentence like that and try and think what if anything it could actually mean in terms of what specific people in their varying locales do to each other, who has what kinds of powers, etc.

  3. ah people and humans and where they overlap again

    if space permitted I would add a diatribe on why the humans who seek refuge are better asked to address the root cause of their problems and take it up jargon free with the US government. Most of the misnamed refugees are not small children and there are a great deal of young male economic migrants, although neo colonialism is also a form of violence. humans have always done terrible things to each other in a reciprocal manner

    • as i imagine you know these matters are very complicated in ways which defy easy categorization/generalization and yet policies have to be set, personnel trained or not, and so on, what we do know is that the reasons that things happen (and the ways that they are carried out) are always assemblages of old and new bits and varying over time and place with the personalities and tools at hand, so one might address root causes but certainly not fix them.
      as for the agitprop well it’s just a one-liner, eh?

  4. a real issue for those on the ground and on the sea. a de facto and oft de jure classification not limited to butler and her antecedents. ideas should be disturbing. this phrase “policies have to be set” might be straight out of an indifferent passage in camus and yet it is disturbing read here

    • ” ideas should be disturbing. this phrase “policies have to be set” might be straight out of an indifferent passage in camus and yet it is disturbing read here” so you are pleased that the idea disturbs than?
      but really what’s the alternative for a government to do?

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  6. Ideas which disturb make good thought provoking reading and a good disagreement is far more enlightening than a meaningless acquiescence. Had this argument with a member of the big lefty lawyers organization of which I am a member – everyone sat on their email writing “I support you!” and doing nothing of consequence. They need to be disturbed or ‘troubled’ in the commentaries.

    By request we are leaving the multiplaned spacetime field of theory here. I would go with Locke and Burke and say each government has a duty to protect its citizens of all species at gun point if necessary. Mostly I have always been opposed to species based rights because this valorizes the human which is wrong on many levels.

    Here is what governments should do:

    The EU governments should repeal the clause in the charter requiring each member state-let to accept refugees and also enact a codicil refusing to adhere to the 1951 UN Convention and 1967 UN Protocol for admission of refugees. The existing refugees should be repatriated in an energy efficient manner. The EU should focus on diplomatic and military means ending of conflicts in the middle east and africa by threatening to withdraw from NATO, and actually doing so, and ceasing to trade with all foreign belligerents such as the US and Russia and then focus on responsible development, environmental protection and population control . If ISIS or AQ or the the Talibs end up running enclaves, then that is appropriate spatial justice for that part of the world. I was opposed to neo-colonial efforts to end Baathist socialist regimes in Libyan and Syria because they are legitimate, work well, and are better for animals than democracies (Romania under Ceausescu was great for critters!).

    Only then is a ‘terrorist’ more clearly defined as separate from ‘migrant’ in cultural consciousness. Here in the crazy US animal activism is sometimes considered terrorism — chalking slogans on a sidewalk for example.

    The US should stop all migration of economic and conflict migrants and turn their attention to non interventionist means of population control and peace in situ as well as repatriation of economic migrants. Free Trade regimes should be abolished and capital should be accumulated as national patrimony in each nation through a wealth de-stratification tax scheme (my thesis at the really nasty biz school that ruined the world). They may be smuggled in by bad actors but the invisible claw of neoliberalism is what pulls them to redistribute their labor. The failure of the world to solve all sorts of problems where they arise spreads misery in developed countries and LDCs alike.

    The Guv should ensure that Kant’s sophisticated cosmopolitan traveler from any culture is always welcome. Cheap labor or those fleeing their responsibility to change social and political conditions within their own spatial environment are not.

  7. carefully, with minimal agential action, and with “due” regards to other persons of all species nomenclature

    and of course this sucks for someone

    • yeah that was my point we do what we can with who and what is at hand and try to minimize the unintended aftereffects as they come, if you actually have some access to legislators by all means share yer interests with them but fer godzsake make it something specific and actionable under current conditions.

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