4 responses to “ain’t no room for the 3 of me

    • nice thanks, when i was living in memphis it was all gangster rap in the streets and not much of the delta left to savor outside of the occasional bit of piano or organ snuck in before services started.

      • Even though I have never been there, it had not dawned on me that was possible, gangster rap in Memphis. There must have been more than one Robert Johnson Crossroads Faustian bargain with the devil made in that generation. Gangster rap is probably payback time for the devil in this one.

        • the poverty, racism, and corruption were staggering I was working with some european medical missionary docs who had been in Congo for a decade or more and were there trying to help with the insanely high rates of infant mortality by trying to set up better relations between the community and the few charity hospitals left in the city.
          this is the city where MLK died standing with striking garbage collectors:

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