She talks to the fourth wall people.

The pair

In FM synthesis the “modulator” wave displaces the frequency of the “carrier” by a value proportionate to its amplitude over a period determined by its frequency. Typically, modulator and carrier are simple sines, pure tones. The modulator “tickles” the frequency of the carrier, skewing complex harmonics and inharmonics.

Here the raw carrier is from a bell called Obertura, recorded in the lost country of …. This means opening in the forgotten language of her people. As you can hear the sample is deprived of its onset and time-stretched for eternity.

Increment the modulation. The source, Rosa, former inhabitant.

She lives/lived in whatever came to replace it. We are trying to come to terms with it. Nobody knows. She talks to the fourth wall people. You have seen the videos. Alone in an ugly room, with only a chair, a chamber pot and a few modest devices. The occasional peeled dancer for company, pirouetting, sleek wet if as when he shudders in her. She talks to them, during countless failed attempts but is rebuffed. We see here an effect perhaps of our excessive “control freakery” as you like to put it.

She awaited Daddy Bear, a black box on his head. He glows white as his contrast to the chamber accentuates and his body flickers like an image of decaying film stock. Her world is nuanced. Not like the dancers, since she has skin: ruddy and marbled with ferrous contusions. She screams through the bell – a soul in unending ice.

She wants Daddy to make her ring purer, so to speak. Listen speak through the layers of distortion. Remove the mid-range filters. The voice is abstract, second order. Patterns all the way down.

But it has often been stated – sometimes in the most ringing terms – that we are nothings. But what can that mean? The negation is asinine.

The keening has the requisite insistence and familiarity of a thing, like that antique mirror fracturing forever in some silent part of the Broken. You hear her long painslut roar again; granulated silence, final heat duct waves.
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