7 responses to “wolves are back in berlin -ranier opolka

  1. Amis just do not get the distinction between travelers and tourists and cosmpolitanism versus economic neliberal cheap labor migrant. Then again neither do neoliberal Euers. This was more fun when Katarina Fritsch did the giant choco rat rather than the deleuzian Werwölfe. Spoke with Stefan Jonsson of LInkoping at a GK event 2 years ago about the differential and he was a bit more into the historicity than the politics which pissed me off a bit. All these people are in a bubble in terms of thought but there is no outside in terms of materiality. At least ISIS is not in favor of globalism

  2. perhaps the wild boar and the wolf lived in balance and this was a dramatization. IB Iwerks?

    Was a GS event not GK

    Consumers. Now they scare me. A jolly cartoon

    • “lived in balance” balance now that’s a fairy tale
      consumers we all be, i like the old alan watts (speaking of wolfy salesmen) line that the problem with americans isn’t that they are materialistic but that they have poor taste in materials.

  3. neoliberalism consumes entire cultures and all co-constructed concepts of personhood and experiential life and its element of multiculturalism is more racist than all the neoskinhead rhetoric in the BRD, US, UK and Ukraine combined. As agitprop art this piece is the equivalent of a Kenneth Cole advert and no more. That bad public art would be tolerated in the city of Walter Benjamin is sort of unforgivable. Merkel makes a shameful reduction of cultural equivalency to her own Osti experience in 89

    • “neoliberalism consumes entire cultures” sounds like a good b scifi movie in the making, might be more interesting than what we have which is a lot of actors using tools and aping plans that they don’t really understand to effects that they don’t grasp, so much for prosthetic gods more like cavemen with cell phones.

  4. Actually Camel milk is stolen and consumed by humans in sandy countries and camels have been weaponized as bombs.so a bit of toon verite here.

    Prolix sentence alert: One must be a native New Yorker with a media studies sense of the absurd as commonplace to truly appreciate the double-negative zeitgeist that is the eternal sarcasm of Bugs Bunny who I always thought Johnny Thunders based his career upon. This New York idiom was inherent in certain Old Ivy philo seminars

    In terms of aping, please see other comment about mimesis

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