Undaddy Mainframe (after VNS Matrix)

“Undaddy Mainframe revisits the feminist malware of pioneering Australian art collective VNS Matrix. In this recombinant work the collective’s seminal text ‘A Cyberfeminist Manifesto for the 21st Century’ (1991) is recoded via instructional computer videos of the 1990s. This project was commissioned for Forever Now, a 21st century collection of artworks created to communicate to outer space. It will take its place as utopian space junk, alongside the Voyager Record of 1977.
Undaddy Mainframe is part of The Lessons, a series of short form video works that produce rogue pedagogies on diverse cultural vectors. Archival history is folded into new constellations, producing virtual proximities between disparate temporal moments.
Materials: A Cyberfeminist Manifesto for the 21st Century (1991), HD Green Screen Hand Gesture For iPad Animation (2013), Kids Guide to the Internet (1997), Komputer Tutor: Komputer Kindergarten (1993), The Exorcist (1973) and online images. With thanks to VNS Matrix: Josephine Starrs, Julianne Pierce, Francesca da Rimini and Virginia Barratt.”

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