9 responses to “Existential Phenomenology According to Clarice Lispector

  1. Everyone’s favorite dispossessed modernist. Timed for Rio. I suppose Helene Cixous will pop up here soon

  2. “the question of when a struggle against a common enemy becomes a duty to respond”
    what would/could “duty” mean here?

  3. I claim this term outside of the Hume-Hobbes-Burke-Rawls deontology crap I trade in everyday and tell you it mean inter and intra actions of particles on many levels.

    Your matter is activated and modified by the river and the mountain, your substrate tells your hive that your duty is to respond, not the Sioux who may be slightly more responsible guardians/modifiers of same. Your life does not even matter in and “of” itself but only in connection to other resonating matter (Straitherne might agree up to the point where anthropology ends). The bad guy is the unknowable nonbeing which is the ultimate conclusion of the agency of any number of ideologies from Satan to the Other to Hyperobjects.

    Sorry about the double posting but there seems to be a time warp in comments posting on this blog synchronized to lags in my WiFi which leads to literal repetition and difference.

    If any lurkers would care to join in, the more the merrier, because, as with zombies, dmf and I need some fresh brains.

    • that’s a more interesting ramble than the sort of kantish cant I had taken the formulation to be, who knows what tips the scales one way or the other when it comes to such actions/choices? not me.
      as for the wordpress my best guess is that it was the amount of links you had added, no worries about the postings just more layers stapled on the utility pole.
      not much in the way of conversation hereabouts I used to think of it as a sort of e-zine but now it’s become a kind of niche back-alley 24/7 gallery or record bin collection for lone folks to pop in and out of.

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