4 responses to “support Standing Rock Sioux #NoDAP

  1. The First Nations in Canada have vowed to sabotage and use every means to oppose the Trans Canada pipeline that the Harper-Trudeau continuum is trying to force across their ‘sovereign’ lands. Despite a court setback and popular opposition Trudeau announced he will seek a further consultation (ie push poll) on what is already a decided issue. The backup plan for Canada is even worse. Following the theme of yesterdays posts, can we all not have the courage to jin with the Sioux and First Nations in opposing pipeline infrastructure? It is a multi dimensional Latourian construct with political, legal and perhaps direct action forms of protest. America’s energy dependence will continue like a crystal meth habit as long as drilling is legal

    I really admire the recent gutsy posts by DMF here

    • hey JM the folks taking these local stands are the gutsy ones I’m just sharing things that friends/comrades have passed along. These folks are fighting for their literal survival and that worth at least cutting and pasting for on my end.

  2. You are modest and a also a component of resistance by posting. Especially since so many fear retribution for even discussing opposition to extraction.

    Uncle Bruno would disagree with you.

    The Baroque piece by Law the other day baffles me. It is not particularly hard, nor revolutionary, and I get it but I don’t fully understand why it even needs to say what it says about looking down. Maybe I have only read about 6 of the footnotes. Does not fully develop the arcades section which is the most interesting thing. Callon is acknowledged, which means scallops for dinner.

    • sorry it wasn’t to yer liking wasn’t meant to be hard or revolutionary they are just trying to frame things in ways that allow new ways for people to be involved, like all those folks they are better when they stick close to tracing/mapping out actual and local happenings (something Latour sadly abandoned long ago).

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