5 responses to “Graham Harman on Entanglements & Actor-Networks

  1. Saw this posted elsewhere but link did not open yet opens here. Interdimensional post warp? Great interview and 2X 1 for me today because I always love John Gray and the airs about him So 2 greta posts.

    • JG’s an interesting popularizer of some of the aspects of contemporary nihilism (good counter-weight to twits like Steven Pinker) and he’s not even a GenXer, I especially like his exchanges with Will Self.
      Graham tends to make mysterious (meta-physical) things that I don’t think are mysterious (like when he makes much ado out of the not spooky fact that some aspects of things are beyond our grasps in his tangents on “withdrawal”) so that whole aesthetic escapes me (but I also don’t get Lovecraft and all) but here when he shifts to more concrete issues he is more in tune with my own interests and researchers I enjoy like:

      Click to access Law2004GlobalBaroque.pdf

  2. Pinker Dennet Dawkins Taussig all on my intellectual hit list. Maybe add Critchley although not quite up to scratch. You might attempt a deeper reading of Heidegger and thence Harman. Certain interlocutors, Tim Morton, have attempted to explain Harman’s object withdrawal which is beautiful in its simplicity. For Lovecraft, you must first kill off Spinoza then consider the historicity of Lovecraft. Patricia MacCormack has written extensively and elegantly upon HP.

    If one doesn’t get it it remains present and should trouble one. When one gets it, then the idea withdraws.

    JG is actually too optimistic as his critiques of Nietzsche are somewhat sunny and bright but he is a world class take-aparter of ideas who is not ostensibly a decon unlike certain French philosophes roaming around who build ever attenuated castles of cards

    • a deeper reading of heidegger, yer a trip, maybe when i’ve invested the decades working thru his ideas with some of the leading scholars of our times, oh wait already did that, ideas aren’t things that can withdraw (nor can any non-living thing) just things we do

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