David Chalmers sorts the virtual from the extended

... For Virtual Reality | Gaming And Virtual Reality Games 2016

David is clearly a clever fellow but it’s beyond me how anyone takes these sorts of matters as having anything to do with ontology, the literal idea of virtual “reality” is non-sensical in a classic bewitchment by grammar sort of way.

5 responses to “David Chalmers sorts the virtual from the extended

  1. Reflexive resort to Wittgenstein. I say W would be entranced by the emergent possibility of VR and how it reconfigures language.

    • don’t see why as it seems like more of the same (and he came to preach differences) which is really all that engineering has brought us to date, so it goes for homo faber just tooling along…

  2. mmmmmm. sounds like Popper. might VR be used to construct a [reality] inside a game where language is not a game? isn’t that its potential? it’s just as the bunny and fingers thingy illustrates if one thinks about it

    • perhaps haven’t read Popper in decades and don’t remember what I did read, how would we participate in such and how would it come to exist (be programmed?)?
      David Roden is musing the possibilities of what is might mean to have a truly post-human AI-ish assemblage you might find some of that to be of interest:

  3. I spoke to my resident elf who is wise and she informed me that language is vibrational and not a word game as in a mother will speak with love to her infant, so i may make a detour. Clicked the link — I thought another highly recommended reverse type AI blog but Rhoden is into Ellul who has become a bit of a (justified?) cult figure among DARPA types, hedge fund techno VCs, sci-fi LARPs, as well as the Nuffield Bioethics crowd and low rent Bostroms wearing ‘Zukunft ist jetzt!” buttons — but no Rhoden is great at musing on a post human future although here the visions he conjures all originate with the sense of worlding of the human (programmer) and therefore qualify as human thought not post human. Paradox: “I am thinking a nonhuman thought”. Still it was an engaging new thought and I am grateful for the link but one must buy into self-augmentation first for the fairytale to come true. A road I will not travel down.

    I hope Rhoden muses on the biomorphic aspect of the posthuman future and I should avoid not reading AI stuff so I will subscribe to his impressive blog.

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