Paradigm patching in the analogic cockpit

“Katrina Burch Presentation on Dust Synthesis with/by Yoneda Lemma
The coming techno-sapiens’ living body never listens alone. It traverses cosmically low. And wide enough, to pulse in flowering nonhuman drones, and to array purple-shifting antibodies for transcendental immanence. Twisting sonorously around is a universe-fountainhead bringing techno-sapien consciousness ponderously forth in the stream of Xenoic growing pains, to a tasty ‘mission-balance’ at the edge of Outer-Darkness.
We will investigate navigational schemes that become hitched at the xenotype– – by xenoplot carriers, recoding technological blasts from the future, and quasi-causally upgrading consciousness through spaces of abstraction. A primary focus will be on concept formation, (what is, how to) for Time, Feminism, and Sound: to think time cunningly; to invent Xenofeminism and philosophies of erotics; and to diagram methodologies for thinking sound archaeologically. Paradigm patching in the analogic cockpit… Our every attempt to objectify will be folded back into the fabrics of fabulation (as part of the reproductive weaving procedure). Keys: Sadie Plant, Nick Land, Reza Negarestani, Laboria Cuboniks, Shulamith Firestone, Monique Wittig, Edward C. Harris, Sarah Kember, Denis Smalley, Kodwo Eshun, Guerino Mazzola, eldritch Priest, Marc Couroux, Maryanne Amacher, & Sun Ra”

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