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  1. A friend pointed out the inverted and repurposed use of fascist iconography to Bill and he did not disagree. The joke is Bill is not kidding and consumerismus must end. I think he is great and in Birmingham, UK now.

    • the absurdity is that mass consumerism is consuming itself and that is the only way it will come an end.

  2. I am venturing that in Levi’s Lacanian type discussion on the Capitalist’s discourse that Bill is an inverted prime number ( a trickster) who cancels out the desire of the capitalist to extract by becoming the cofactor which by refusing to consume removes the desire of the Capitalist to extract. To be fair, Bill’s work also extends to subjectivity analysis and the Master’s discourse but this does not come across in the public consciousness unless they listen deeply and see past the spectacle. If anyone out in synthnullland has a pdf of Kordela’s 2006 paper on the consumption of time, please send it on to read on this topic

    • to the degree that I understand the uses of math/logic/etc by lacanians it strikes me as a kind of category error, not big on the possibilities of consciousness-raising (the historical record is pretty miserable at best), but even for those of us mutant few who aren’t enchanted by most forms of mass consumerism what’s the real alternative to taking part in the literal markets that exist? will keep an eye out for the paper have any more info on Kordela to give us a lead?

  3. Thanks. As one who enjoys paradoxes I say that you (rightly and roughly) came out against the building of consciousness by changing minds a few posts ago, so consistency with you present comment is a bit elusive in a good way. I do not agree/disagree but argue for fighting on all fronts. Certainly if everyone gets a PhD in STS a few minds may very well change.

    Alternative: First realize there is an alternative within the membrane. Without going all Derek Jensen on anyone, my take on Billy is he is selling scalability and a model of selling value which is closer to a sustainable involved actor economic pluriverse. Harking back to when I did econometric modeling, there was zero doubt among the technocrats of WEFA that any economic system could be predicted and therefore planned and therefore gamed for maximized results efficiently given enough variables and algorithms. One can, under this view, at least try with some hope of success to plan the structural basis for an alternative to the neoliberal order of unrestrained extraction and wealth stratification although I have grave doubts, etc. This was as dangerous as the Chicago boys who essentially held the opposite view gave the same result. Thus, for Billy we should all change the coefficient of abstraction by spending money on items which minimize extraction. You can see Billy living this when he shops in the Brooklyn food coop with his partner but another paradox, he also flies commercial airlines instead of traveling on a steel hulled sailboat. Will ask bud in Oz for paper, thought someone here might have one ready to pdf.

    We are all mutants. Free the germline from state control

    • not sure i follow the first part, haven’t i always been skeptical of consciousness-raising? but that aside I’m all for resistance/expression, in my clinical work as an alienist one rough rule of thumb is that expressing one’s self doesn’t often get one what one wants but does let you know where you stand in relation to whom/what one addresses and does give you some sense that you will stick up for yourself, commit to yourself, even if just in that moment.
      the big systems (loosely speaking) weren’t planned and couldn’t be planned, we are not that clever and more to the point if one could get enough consent (good luck!) and or authority to get something going we could never build in the kinds of reflexivity needed to make on the ground/scene adjustments. so ya know we just have to make do with what’s at hand, even if it’s just a cheap white suit and a megaphone.
      indeed, let phreak-flags fly!

  4. The details have not been, planned nor can they be (although hedge funds say they can) but the basic set of rights to protect property is planned. All else follows.

    Seems you are pointing to the construction of boundaries. They abound.

    Alienist? A Caleb Carr forensic alienist? Cool.

    We shan’t tarry further upon this post. So many things to investigate.

    Also: Demolition Men — posting forward > why not guys in suits moving the numbers to cause and finance the trummelhaus pictured? This one looks still viable to me.

    • don’t know about you but i’m in the ruins with the guys getting shit pay and no benefits to shift fragments from one pile to the next, if you want to go minotaur hunting in the maze follow the thread to http://yanisvaroufakis.eu/

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