6 responses to “Prophets of Rage hit Cleveland

  1. 😝 hmm… I cant put my finger on it.

    Why are you saying its kinda sad?

    I feel ya, i think. and while i kinda (some songs) dug Rage and Cypress Hill back in the day, it seems like they havent made even a half a musical step in 20 years. Lol
    And i wonder if the band is down with the irony of them singin the party if over and done..

    But it looks like there some good coverage going on, and a decent crowd.

    What you think?

    • may just be me, chuck d and co are voices of my generation and where once voices of hope for substantial change/resistance but now it all seems a bit dated.

      • Yeah. It like theyre just going thru the motions. Not so out Rageous anymore. I wonder if thats how the 60s hippies felt. 😋

        On a more philosophical note:

        One can notice a similar situation with philosophical stuff. In my mind, i wonder how many times we have to go thru the passion of revolutionary sense making and promotion before we realize that it is just a modern phenomenon, a pure expression that never is ‘revolutionary’ ? Wat u think?

        • not sure about the “pure” part but surely many of us were once taken with what have turned out to be utopian hopes and really most folks seem to still be taken with such god-like aspirations (whether incremental or accelerated), part of why I’m not so taken with the term post-nihilism (as if it was a kind of purfying process that leads one to the Real goods) and focus more on life in the ruins, life after nihilism.
          ah yeah the 60’s most didn’t really grock that what they were rallying against was merely symptoms of deeper ills.

          • Pure. In the sense of the experience of getting somewhere got nowhere it thought it would be. Such that it might show how we are determined regsrdless of what meaning we come to about things.

            I like the post nihilism idea. Thanks. Thats good.

          • i see , tho my sense is that we are not so much determined (not a structuralist not even in a pomo systems sort of way) as just limited in our powers.
            often related to our cog-biased inabilities to grasp complexity/scale/etc, it’s a big messy world out there, a blooming buzzing confusion to borrow a term.

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