4 responses to “hello nature by william wegman

  1. Recalls Prof. Mick Taussig’s hybrid ecology/art/commerce amongst the shipping containers of Bayonne, NJ and well as bad preframed office art for the kitsch content. Bosch on ritalin.

  2. I once gave a talk to the Critical animal Studies people concerning, in part, animal images and signifiers in media. Wegman, who used to be at every event I attended, would fall into the ‘cutesy’ but not ‘cute’ category because his work reinforces the anthro cultural frame while obscuring the evocative aspect of the non human subject. No better than John Bennett Ramsey’s parents who did likewise to achieve the ‘cutesy’. I note that Weg always donates generously to animal charities but also sort of causes the lack of consciousness issues which concern us.

    • don’t believe in “consciousness” raising myself (the overall success record to date is next to nil) but we all do what we can.

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