Dada Centennial Celebration at Stanford

Luciano Chessa’s solo on saw or wind machine, ideally titled “Data Dada” or something like that (5′)
Piero Scaruffi’s welcome speech: “From Dada to Data” (10′) – The text will be published here
Thomas Haakenson reading Dada poetry, excerpts from various Dada manifestoes (Huelsenbeck and Haussmann’s, in particular), and other Dada-related writings, including some of the Dadaists’ less frequently evoked but fundamental political statements. Co-programmed by Pavle Levi (15′)
The L.A.S.T. Ensemble’s “Data-Dada” performance (part 2) (3′)
Theresa Wong, performing “Xenoglossia” for multitracked and live voice, soundtrack to Jonathon Keats’ “Strange Skies”, a travel documentary for plants (6’15”)
Cosana Eram on how the avant-garde used scandal as a tool to shred the bourgeois social fabric & their self-promotion skills (10′)
The L.A.S.T. Ensemble’s “Data-Dada” performance (part 4) (3′)
Jonathon Keats reading his “Copernican Art Manifesto” (3′)
Luciano Chessa performing Jonathon Keats’ “Retempered Clavier”, a Copernican “decomposition” of Bach (5′), a work of Copernican music that has the entropy of the universe, a spin-off of Keats’ composition “Copernican Revolution in the Arts” (5?) – See this article and see this article
The L.A.S.T. Ensemble’s “Data-Dada” performance (part 15) (3′)
Maria Makela on “Assemblage and Photomontage: The Politics of Alternative Media in Dada – Schwitters, Hannah Hoch, etc” (10′)
The Robert Edgar Band performing live, adapting “I Zimbra” (1980), recorded by Talking Heads, written by David Byrne, adapting Hugo Ball’s poem “Gadji beri bimba” (5′).
Howard Rheingold’s & Fabrice Florin’s “Pataphysical Slot Machine”, a community-created poetic oracle (10′)
The L.A.S.T. Ensemble’s “Data-Dada” performance (part 3/A) (3′)
Kal Spelletich’s video of machine art (10′)
Throughout the evening: A special commentary by Jinxia Niu, technofinancial analyst and Buddhist meditator, visiting Stanford from Hangzhou, China
Stanford CCRMA bacchanal “Tada! Dat” (12′)
Jonathon Keats’ preamble to his porn movies for plants
Theresa Wong, performing the soundtrack for Jonathon Keats’ “Botanica”, a porn film for plants (6’15”)
John Law on “From Dada to Caca – A Brief History of Bay Area Counterculture” (15′)
Premiere of philosopher Jonathon Keats’ and composer Luciano Chessa’s “CM”, a Copernican dubstep mix of Keats’ “Retempered Clavier” (5′)

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