Ecologies of Assemblages w/ Anthony Stavrianakis

Proposition 1. Assemblages are made of heterogeneous parts that establish relations of exteriority with each other.
1.1 “No Metaphysics!”
There is no need to account for the “possibility” of the relation of parts; there is no need to take up the ontology of the parts or the ontology of the relation between them: this marks a distance from the so-called “ontological turn”, which in its self-understanding as “pluralist” is — I would argue — a limited proliferation of monisms, which either exclude (or render invisible) the subject position of the anthropological inquirer or else result in a full identification of “self” as Other, opposed to an (naturalist) “ontology” presupposed but never shown, to wit “the West.”
1.2 “Yes to Pragmatic Anthropology!”
“The initial objective of Anthropology is to be an Erforschung: an exploration of an ensemble never graspable in its totality, never at rest, because always taken up in a movement where nature and freedom are bound up in the Gebrauch” (Foucault, KA, 51).
Such an anthropology of assemblage is at root pluralist, attending to the plurality of forms of exteriority, and is serial/proliferative, rather than comparative (I.e. serial/proliferative inquiry produces motion in which the terms of the inquiry can transform).”
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