Ethics & Halakhah, Israel & ISIS?

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Slated to be the next chief rabbi of the Israel Defense Forces, Rabbi Col. Eyal Karim has made statements against inducting women into the army and permitting rape of non-Jewish women during times of war. The latter was said to have been “taken out of context” and that the intention was “only theoretical.” The correct response would have been to reject the very question as an obscene act and religious desecration. If there is any shred of truth in the good rabbi’s self-defense, it means that there are, in fact, practically zero ethical brakes in Halakhah, and that there should be no place for it in the public realm of a democratic society. More on Israel and Judaism in Israel losing their ethical moorings, you  can read about it here and here (with translations and follow ups) The original responsum is here in Hebrew.

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4 responses to “Ethics & Halakhah, Israel & ISIS?

  1. There may be a material commonality as well: the left wing media has alleged the existence of an Israeli field ‘hospital’ in the Golan which treats wounded ISIS and other US allied/proxy forces aligned against the Syrian Ba’athist regime under the enemy of my enemy is my patient for now theory aka the colonial powers that be win every time the natives kill each other so the masters don’t have to. Not sure the hospital exists but material support makes sense.

    That and the shared suicided myth/ aspiration of all the Abrahamic religions for some form of rapture.

    • don’t think it’s so much as matter of suicide/rapture as heavenly kingdom on earth and godz know that’s the guiding ethos here in the US as well but that said if we didn’t have religious justifications we would make up something else to fight in the name of, no cure for that I’m afraid.

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