5 responses to “Standing with Slavoj Žižek & Against an Illness on the Left -Douglas Lain

  1. That intro i fkg HALarious! I dont think whats going on with Z in that is much different that what we read about in the Godpel, except Z wont be literally killed.
    How bout Zizek Christ.? It even sounds similar. Lol. But he will live through this and be ‘resurrected’ after three days in hell. For sure. 😆

    • I’ve never really understood his mass appeal (I get his philosophical appeal but none of those people have read his books) but than the gossip-world in general is alien to me.

      • I think people enjoy his overt character without ever really getting inyo his thot. Its starting to show a little.

      • …and i think people dont like to be told somethong about themselves to their face that they dont understand because they dont really want to understand.

      • I just think they can’t grasp what he is on about enough to really judge it (plenty of good reasons to reject Lacan and co.) but so it goes with the moral majority, never sure why Slavoj thinks things can get better but so it goes with our cognitive-biases…

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