Hunger by Claire Colebrook

“It is not the case that there was ever a “we” that embarked upon a journey of complexity, riven by a time lag (between a body that is over-fed and a brain that is stuck in a too simple past). That split is always among some who think of themselves as the “we” (the “we” who unfortunately destroyed the planet and who now declare “us” to be anthropocene humans) and some who have no hunger for any future “we.” Let us imagine this at its simplest: there are those whom the “we” consume—not only animals, but future and present humans not blessed with the burden of cognizing the wonder and blessedness of the species. Do we think the various species on the red list have even the simplest hunger for the future? Or are most modes of life living on with the most confused of hungers, a hunger that is constantly thwarted and not even granted the luxurious temporality of thinking of a future that is tragically bereft of life as we know it. Perhaps, then, the “we” who are so hungry for a future—the “we” that dreams of geo-engineering, colonizing other planets, averting existential risks and enhancing the species— perhaps this “we” should thwart its hunger for the future and think of desires not tied to the rational self-interests of this wondrous history of brain-heavy man? That hunger might be radically con-fused: conjoined and fused with a life not its own, a life that does not appear as a personal surviving life of one of “us.”

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