The Integral World: VR Junkies Ride Again

Dr. Rinaldi's Horror Cabinet


The much-hyped consumer virtual reality headset, Oculus Rift, is finally hitting the market. The reviews have been mixed. As TheWall Street Journalput it, “the first totally immersive home virtual reality rig is a pricey, awkward, isolating—and occasionally brilliant—glimpse of the future of computing.” In an NPR radio interview Kelley McEvers spoke to Palmer Lucky who invented the device while still in his teens and founded the company Oculus VR, which is now owned by Facebook. Lucky remarks “… virtual reality is potentially the final major computing platform. … With virtual reality – If you have perfect virtual reality eventually, where you’re be able to simulate everything that a human can experience or imagine experiencing, it’s hard to imagine where you go from there. Once you have perfect virtual reality, what else are you supposed to perfect?”

My issue with that last statement is the notion that one will ever…

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