Aliens Among Us

even some of our more hardcore and thoroughgoing materialists are still spooked by ghost machines if not ghosts in machines, seems to evidence not so much cogs in vast karmic/social wheels but the deep rooted evolutionary cog-biases of human-being.
there are indeed aliens within us and so among our project-ions into the world.

Larval Subjects .

mars-attacks1In response to my last post, dmf and Michael make some interesting remarks.  Dmf asks,

do/can I interact with an insurance company or rather with a particular salesrep, webpage, lawyer, or an answering-machine, etc.

Michael builds on this, remarking

What DMF is alluding to is that fact that insurance companies are sets rather than units. Whereas all objects are assemblages ontologically speaking there are different types of assemblages. Some assemblages are materially/structural continuous or extensively bounded (e.g., lawyers, sales reps, etc) and rightly considered ‘objects’, while others are primarily aggregate and extensively adjacent (corporations, social groups, etc), best described as ‘aggregates’ – no matter how operationally coupled they may seem. Attributing ‘thinghood’, then, becomes a tricky game of avoiding the polar tendencies of either over-exaggerating extensive connection and/or under-appreciating the intensity of cohesion and operational efficacy. Football teams and nation-states are not ‘objects’ but assemblages.

Coding this ‘delicate balance’…

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2 responses to “Aliens Among Us

  1. Its funny; i dont think just institutions are alien; there are many instances of people that are so ‘stupid’ or have such lame ideas of things and reality, that somewhat frequently i cant help but entertain the notion that either them or i. Are alien. One of us has got to be not human. For small example: advertising people. How they must be as people is so foreign to me. One of us has got to be not human.


    But seriously; it is more correct to say that the People who created the institutions are alien, thatn it is that the institution is alien. In fact it probably is degrees: it is not that i am alienated, but better that having come to terms with my righteousness, now i can identify the ‘aliens’.

  2. …the aliens are not among ‘us’. Who the fuk is ‘us’? A bunch of idiots? Definatly i cannot in good faith generalize a philosoohy to say ‘us’, except that i would have to put many acedemic and disciple philosoohers as ‘them’, since they definiatky are not including me in their ‘us’.

    In fact they must be the aliens of which they theorize about.

    Or i am. Never does that come up it seems (were any of ‘them’ ever alienated in truth, or only theory?

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