3 responses to “Tunneling in the Chthulucene Anna Tsing & Donna Haraway

  1. Aha! I remember i took an undergraduate class with Anna sing in 2002. At ucsc And our class papers were concerning her, at the time developing notion of ‘friction’ . I met with her many times to discuss what the hell she was talking about. My topic was the opium wars and i was to talk about moments of friction there. I didnt know wtf she meant. I dropt the class cuz i couldnt figure it out. Lol.

    And in another anthro class they showed a video that donna made about chimps and himans and culture. It made no sense to me st the time. I thot she was nuts. Lol 🤘🏼 killer!

      • With Tsing. I remember feeling like inunderstood what she wanted, what she meant, but i coulnt translate it into an analysis into a paper. Lol

        Donna was just completely beyond me. It was like she was speaking complete nonsense.

        Inthink im gonna re approach harrowwY now.

        And its funny. My conversation on my recent post about irony, after watching your vid, appears to me as a site of friction. Ala anna tsing, where the creation of unexepected realities emerge from the apparent agreement real items as they are negotiated. Objects that appear solute in the transaction, since we are discussing them, has resulted in a reality that was unavakiable prior to the ‘friction’. But perhaps im too somplistic.

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