Anxious to Share: Brian Holmes & Keller Easterling

Deterritorial Investigations

“With Keller Easterling, Eyal Weizman, Brian Holmes and Ryan Bishop.The world is an active form constantly remodeled by political and economic ventures that compete to enclose it in different regimes of resource management. The speakers in this keynote conversation offer micro and macro perspectives that treat space as a power and information system in itself. Recently, the post-digital, global re-organization of service territories known as the sharing economy has supported “sharing” as a paradigm of decentralization and democratization. Yet after its supposed failure, as with earlier techno-utopian moments, it is clear that more analytic and critical viewpoints on exchange are needed. The work of the transdisciplinary thinkers and architects in this session address these questions and challenge us to go beyond linear, utilitarian perspectives in order to ask how we can share space, resources, and information in actively political ways and with a sensitivity to the…

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