The Philosopher as a Young Madman

Dr. Rinaldi's Horror Cabinet

Each day that I remain trapped in the garbage I forget a little more what it is to cross the line…
…..– Nick Land, A Thirst for Annihilation

There’s a madman inside me and he’s hacking away, hacking and hacking until he strikes the final discord. Pure annihilation, as distinguished from lesser, muddier annihilations. Nothing to be mopped up afterwards.
…..– Henry Miller, Black Spring

Hell yea, might as well admit it: there came a point in my life when I entered that zone of no return, when I dipped below the register of custom and convention, when I exited the cage of the Human Security System and went totally bonkers. Yet, for some reason I worked through it, discovered in the great push to know things, to know God, to know the Absolute meaning of Life; all the bullshit…  there was something in me that kept me…

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