Metamorphoses & Trans-Human Becomings (Rosie Braidoti)

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Reading Rosie Braidoti sometimes feels like reading comic books, or science-fiction. Metamorphoses: Towards a Materialist Theory of Becoming is no exception.  The book is like a dare. Throughout the course of western culture and into our own popular culture, the “humanity” of women has been called into question. But in our own advanced technological age, the tables turn. With the very concept of humanity itself pressed by science and called into question, there’s a strange logic to aligning women with animals, insects, monsters, and cyborgs. In this work of philosophical science fiction, the “second sex” has turned into a swarming, mutating, transforming entity. In this new ontology, the second sex turns into something completely “other,” now that the subject is no longer one, or once the very idea of a coherent subject has become undone.

Behind the delirious play in Metamorphoses is the seriousness with which Braidoti takes images and…

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