You move to abandon time brackets

A level of meaning can be the same as a place.

Then you move to your destination or person along that plane.

Arriving doesn’t occur from one point to the next.

It’s the difference in potential, a throw of dice, which necessarily wins, since harm as of her handcrafted gift affirms chance.

I laugh when things coming together by chance seem planned.

You move to abandon time brackets, water you slip into, what could bring a sliding sound of the perimeter of a stone?

You retain “early” and “walking” as him in space.

When a man is disrupted by analyzing too much, elements can be used by a witch’s need for disharmony.

My advice to you is, don’t get lost too deep in need, unless you’re going to join the witches.

Creation is endless.

Your need would be as if you were a white animal pulling yourself into a tree in winter, and your tears draw a line on the snow.

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