Cyberqueen (Eczema Angel Orifice)

” recent work has shifted away from the figure of the cyborg. If Haraway’s cyborg was associated with ideas like augmenting the human body with digital technology, the monster is figured by the experience of alienation, and access to pharmaceutical technologies (such as anti-depressants, hormones, and the pill) that shape gender, Affect, and more. As Paul Preciado writes, the biomedical monster is not a Frankenstein’s monster. It is all of us: “you, you as well, are the monster.” In doing this, the cyborg is slowly transforming into the biomedical monster.”

Build the shittiest thing possible. Build out of trash because all i have is trash. Trash materials, trash bodies, trash brain syndrome…Don’t build in spite of the body and fail on their terms, build with the body. Immaculate is boring and impossible. Health based aesthetic.
rest by Zeiya Speede @

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