S.C Hickman on the Engine of Inhumanism

Hickman’s prose and insights often match the quality of his astute micro-analyses. Enjoy:

“Nature no longer exists. We’re all artificial now. The engine of inhumanism is eating reality alive so that nothing human will as Land once said “get out alive”. We’re seeing the human vanish before our eyes, the last remnants of the humanist traditions are imploding, the worlds of metaphysical bric-a-brac are giving way to the triumph of sciences which are far stranger than philosophy which is actually quite conservative and conserving. I know I talk of Zizek, Badiou, Land, et. al… but in truth I’m a post-nihilist who has already crossed the post-human divide, the zone of no return where whatever we’re doing is part of some hyperstitional collective madness of constructing the future out of the ruins of a failed and failing world of humans into the inhuman worlds which seem to imploding toward us out of the future.

We have just created a system of brakes and absorptions to defend ourselves from that truth. But as usual the truth(s) will win out in the end. So the philosopher in our time must like Pound’s poet become the antennae not of history, but of the future: a future that is looking more and more like a realm without humans.” (S.C Hickman)

So much coping-with-in the wilderness..

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