Simondon’s On the Mode of Existence of Technical Objects (pdf)

Click to access SimondonGilbert.OnTheModeOfExistence.pdf

Unpublished translation by Ninian Mellamphy
– See more at: and @


One response to “Simondon’s On the Mode of Existence of Technical Objects (pdf)

  1. @youtopos generously supplied us with updated info:
    Re: your January 1 post (with a link to the short 1980 translation), there’s an updated+extended 2010 version of that 1980 translation—undertaken by Ninian Mellamphy & Co. for Sylvère Lotringer at Semiotext(e), which was to have been published in 2012 with a preface by Bernard Stiegler—online at Archive.Org/details/Simondon—ModeOfExistenceOfTechnicalObjectsinProgress (and also at Academia.Edu/4184556) … the latter includes much more of the Mode_of_Existence than the former, and is the more current translation. Also: since Semiotext(e) lost the contract and Univocal picked it up, the good news is that Univocal will be publishing a brand new translation—minus the Mellamphys/Lotringers/Stieglers—sometime this year (2016)

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