“Rojava must be defended”: David Harvey

00-rojava-solidarity-imageProf. David Harvey called for worldwide support for the alternative system to capitalism being established in Rojava.

Professor David Harvey, who was a speaker at the “Challenging Capitalist Modernity” conference in Hamburg between 3 and 5 April, said the system being set up in Rojava was an alternative to the crisis created all over the world by capitalist modernity, and should be supported and developed. Prof. Harvey said he would like to visit Rojava to see the system for himself and linked the ISIS attacks to the capitalist system’s wish to get its hands on oil and other mineral wealth in the region. Prof. Harvey said he found Abdullah Öcalan’s ideas on capitalist modernity, democratic confederalism and the women’s freedom struggle positive, adding that he had also written on these topics. “But Öcalan has not only written, he is also waging a struggle to put them into practice,” he said.

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