I took a hiatus to “write” a “book”

now I’m back….

When writing mirror maze, I employed the use of this word librarynth that I’d ostensibly made up, or at least come to the portmanteau of my own creative accord…after using it, and marking myself particularly clever for its invention, I suddenly had an idea – google it, make sure I wasn’t ripping anyone off unwittingly…and found this wonderful node of artistiks that will surely find favour ’round these parts…

Librarynthine – Art and Text by Quinn Milton


What Happens When You Die is a poetry sequence about death — our beliefs, fears, myths, rites, and biological inevitability. The book takes a lyrical sweep of these concepts, not in order to answer the question, but to ask it in a new way. The poems explore life and death through the metaphor of a carousel ride. The typography runs a parallel story, so that the structure of the book is linked with the passage into death. 


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