Richard Dawkins wrote a very eulogious review of Sokal and Bricmont’s INTELLECTUAL IMPOSTURES, which criticises recent French philosophy, a subject that Dzwkins knows nothing about.

Let’s begin with Dawkin’s first quote, taken from Guattari’s late work CHAOSMOSIS:

We can clearly see that there is no bi-univocal correspondence between linear signifying links or archi-writing, depending on the author, and this multireferential, multi-dimensional machinic catalysis.

Guattari is not a particularly good stylist in French, his prose style is full of abstract jargon, and is rather bookish. He is something of an auto-didact in philosophy. He is just one of those people who think differently from others and who need very abstract language to express their thoughts. I heard him talk once at Deleuze’s seminar on cinema, and he talked using much more jargon than Deleuze, but it was interesting.

This seems rather obscure. First, as I discussed in the previous post, there is the…

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  1. Dawkins and Sokals points Concerning Pm I tend to agree with, but for me I don’t think it’s entirely a problem of translation. Laruelle too. I think I partly a problem of verbosity and the difference between calling a tree a ‘woody stem with leaves’. And then a whole encyclopedic Wiki listing. Is there a ‘different ‘ tree? Is one ‘more true’. ? Does one allow for a more thorough or better use of the tree? Lol.

  2. There is nothing in Deluze or Guitari that was new. In so much as they might have asserted newness, they would have been evidencing a falsity of their own proposals , a deception. But I doubt they called their work ‘new’ without another conceptual qualifier that negates it. Which would be then an admitting of excess.

  3. ….quite the involved philosophy there. In fact I describe it at length in my book that will be out soon. That’s what books are for , I guess. Lol.

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