The Hard Swerve into Left Accelerationsim

Deterritorial Investigations

Nick Land shares w/ us:

The hard-core version from Peter Sunde:

I’m hoping Donald Trump wins this year’s election. For the reason that it will fuck up that country so much faster then if a less bad President wins. … Hopefully technology will give us robots that will take away all the jobs, which will cause like a massive worldwide unemployment; somewhat like 60 percent. People will be so unhappy. That would be great, because then you can finally see capitalism crashing so hard. There is going to be a lot of fear, lost blood, and lost lives to get to that point, but I think that’s the only positive thing I see, that we are going to have a total system collapse in the future. Hopefully as quick as possible. I would rather be 50 then be like 85 when the system is crashing.


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5 responses to “The Hard Swerve into Left Accelerationsim

  1. Such a strange and discomforting position to take, one that I’m hearing spoken more and more, sadly.

    How’s the Trump mania in your neck of the woods, D? It’s getting thunderous in these parts.

    • ah yeah Iowa is just 10mins away from my apartment so our media is saturated and our governor (currently spending his own hedge-fund loot to try and reverse our recent overturning of the death penalty) won in no small part because of the personal appearance on his behalf of sarah palin and co. just to give you a sense of how madteapartying folks are here.

      • Ah, geez, that sounds pretty bad… a case of the red state blues, I suppose.

        Where I am currently (in an extremely poor and rural area about 80 miles south of Louisville, which is an otherwise a beautiful place to take a sabbatical from city life), it’s not the Tea Party crowd – it’s the militia crowd, 3 Percenters and the like. If I had a quarter for every convoy of pickups I saw going down the road with giant confederate flags waving…

      • yeah it’s grim just met with some sweet kids over at the community college to work on the bernie campaign but mostly it’s wannabe country clubbers or blue-collar bigots on bikes (every year they fight over the helmet laws in the state legislature, pathetic) the people from the white flight burbs here in nebraska call the desperate iowa town across the bridge council-tucky but mostly I think it just reminds them of their own cracker roots, has there ever been a bigger government handout in history than the homestead acts? well hope there is some moments of peace and quiet yer way when the rebelyellers get to where their going.

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