Revolts of Futures Past: Cycles of Struggle, Technology and Neoliberalism

Deterritorial Investigations


In a previous essay, “Technology and the Path Dependency of Capitalism”, I looked at the way that capitalism exhibits a very specific paradox, one whose intricacy is forming into one of the key political questions currently facing us.  At the center of this paradox is technology, and its complicated relationship to the capitalist system. One on hand, capitalism develops a robust system of production, leveraging innovations in technology and science to boost the efficiency of its output, while also using these to develop new forms of innovations to be traded on the market. On the other hand, capitalism restrains technological innovation, selectively development those that actual as extension of currently-existing market demands. Following Carlota Perez, we can see that when capitalism “breaks” with its older forms of organization, what is taking place is the deployment of new technological artifacts, systems, and infrastructures that cannot help but drive the…

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