I find myself continually redefining what I am!

fussy fuZZy face

Locating:  Linda Stewart (1970-09-22)

I hope this explain a little who I was, who I am and what I am becoming and that said, [I don’t like writing this, because it is about ‘me’ and I am merely representing one of the copies of me, but I find it necessary, to give some insights on my face]

I am a descendant from European settlers, I was born and grew-up in Apartheid South Africa.  I went to a Christian, Nationalist University and obtained my first three degrees there. I did my post-graduate studies in international/regional and domestic human right laws specialising in socio-economic rights. I teach legal hermeneutics and socio-economic rights. I have published extensively on these topics. I just completed my 20th year in formal academia. I am a full professor with a national research foundation rating.

I have attempted to do social activism work in rural, marginalised collectivities in South…

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