Socialism, Reform, and Revolution

Deterritorial Investigations

In the United States, the trajectory of mainstream politics has gone in strange directions. At the dawn of the “post-Obama” age, everything seems like it’s up for grabs. On the Right side of the spectrum, we’ve watched a disjointed spectacle: as expected, another of the Bush dynasty dips their feet into presidential politics, the kooky son of the libertarian heartthrob has gone from being the darling of Silicon Valley campaign donations to a laughingstock, and the person who should be a laughingstock – Donald Trump – has somehow managed ride a wave of xenophobia towards a disturbing popularity. On the left, the fight boils down to one between Hillary Clinton, the (borderline neocon) epitome of the liberal wing of the neoliberal establishment, and Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed socialist whose platform is a curious blend of FDR-style imagery and small business capitalism.

The rather vocal grassroots movement that has grown around…

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