Technology and Capitalist Path Dependency

Deterritorial Investigations


In Inventing the Future, Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams lay out four basic demands through which, they argue, that the radical Left can utilize to rebuild the future that has been voided by capitalism (particularly in its virulent neoliberal mode). Though they need little repeating at this stage, they are as follows:

  • Full automation: the pushing forward of technological development as a political program that attacks the foundation of work as the central organizing principle of economics, polity, and life.
  • Shortening the working week: a re-invigoration of the primary aim of the labor movement of yesteryear in an effort to roll back the sort of frantic “24-7” mode of labor that has been consistently on the rise.
  • Universal basic income: an income grant to all citizens to supplement the welfare state – not replace it, as many “Hayekian socialists”[i] are now clamoring for, but to strengthen the power…

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