On Thacker’s Biomedia: A Posthumanist Approach

“In an increasingly technological world, power is manipulated and reshaped through digital platforms. For years, media scholars have explored the changing power relations between two principal actors: the human and the machine. However, while scholars explore technology as a medium, especially in the field of “new media,” few have explored biology as a medium in its own right. It is only in the last decade that Eugene Thacker has revealed a growing domain in which technology not only confronts biology, but biology becomes a technology in and of itself. In “biomedia,” technology and biology, each viewed as media, may finally interact. Biomedia, Thacker explains, is “a concern for the ways in which a medium associated with immateriality and disembodiment will affect our views of having bodies and being bodies (and becoming bodies…)” (2003:47). However, while biomedia presents new possibilities for the growth of humans and technology, Thacker limits its scope by dismissing a posthumanist approach in which biomedia could actually address and account for the “limitations and contingencies of biology” (2003:76). This paper, contra Thacker, will examine how biomedia, viewed through a posthumanist lens, may benefit the human, the machine, and their intersection.”


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