Are the Accelerationists Inventing the Future?

” Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek, co-editors of “Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a world without work”

2 responses to “Are the Accelerationists Inventing the Future?

  1. Still working on my review/critique, although I have to say the book has me largely convinced in a way that is totally in line (I think) with post-nihilistic praxis. For me the real reason to endorse the critique of folk politics are the critique of folk psychology and folk metaphysics. We are living in a post-Darwinian world in which free will looks unlikely and we’re increasing shown that you cannot convince people by rational appeal. You have to engineer desire. But all this sounds incredibly right-wing. It sound like the approach of the bad guys. But if climate change is the big problem- and it is THE main problem with the book that it is once again passed over- then we’re really talking about attempting to avert human extinction. Have we really thought this through, or are we suggesting that compared with the possibility of human extinction we’d prefer to maintain the purity of prefigurative politics? Obviously in my dark pessimism garb I would say this is exactly what we’re after (humanity is the suicidal impulse of nature). But if we’re wanting to construct illusions to live by (hyperstitional progress, anyway?) and we’re looking to go on without falling into an insane optimism then I would say these accelerationists have the right ideas. This is what the conscious delusion of an optimism without hope looks like.

    I think this is my review in short form. lolz.

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